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Olympus High School Class of 1967 - Guestbook

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[attie Page Brisko - 10-22-2006
what fun it is to look back and remember old friendships
Ronald W Van Otten - 10-20-2006
Great web page- Looking forward to # 40- Hope to see all my old 'Road Devil' Buddies- Ha! I live in Sandy and own my construction business...
Tim Norris - 10-20-2006
Enrolling after three years at Evergreen, I left Olympus in the spring of my sophomore year (family move to Ohio), but Olympus never left me. The Thunderbolt and Mrs. Madsen changed my life -- I went on to 30 years in newsrooms as a reporter and feature writer. And the rigors of the orchestra at Olympus carried through, too -- I still play violin, now in the orchestra at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where I teach, and sometimes with my oldest son, Alex. I've never forgotten playing in the pit orchestra for 'Oklahoma' or the three student buses we sent -- was it to Coalville? -- for a state football playoff. Sang folk songs, and we all knew them!
Sandra Borders Goo - 10-18-2006
I went to school there for Sophomore and Jr years. I went to JR high and grade school with the whole group and would love to be part of this reunion!
Fred Meese - 10-12-2006
Looking forward to next year.
Mark Merrill - 10-01-2006
Wow, it is so great to look back when we were young and beautiful. Life really takes you places you never dreamed of, doesn't it. I am so looking forward to seeing you all again. Remember when gas was .25 cents, cars were fast, boys still used respectful language in front of girls and being a wild child ment drinking beer. I don't know about you, but I would do things a lot differently. I'd like to think most of us have gotten a little wiser. I am expecting hugs and kisses from you all-well, ok just the girls. Sign me up for the reunion.
Love to you all,
Mark Merrill
Marty Bagley Halverson - 09-24-2006
I have the last of my seven kids being married the day of the reunion meeting.  Otherwise I would like to be there.  Put me on a list to help.  I like to help cerebrally, or doing things I can do from my phone or computer.  Don't sign me up for anything that involves decorations, cutting, glue, or shopping for ribbon.  I can write, call, email, send and track down.  That would be fun.  My number is 401-9074, and address is 201 E. South Temple #702,SLC, UT 84111.  I love planning and I'm a great organizer.  So find me a wayy to help!
I love this web site!!! Congratulations on a great piece of techno/art!
Coral Tuttle Egelund - 08-30-2006
I've barely checked out a little bit of this site so far but am excited to see some people that I would love to talk to again.....and am looking forward to the reunion next year.
David Calvin Fairbourn - 08-28-2006
Interested in helping with the next reunion.
Kate Jensen (Kathleen Lewis Jensen) - 08-25-2006
What a great idea! especially nice for us living away from 'the Valley.' Still in St. Anthony, ID, teaching juvenile delinquents. At least none of my kids made it to 'my' school. It has been interesting, even fun at times. I'll try to make it to the 40th. I haven't seen any of you for ages.
JoAnn Oliver - 08-25-2006
Hi All,
I'm working for Delta Air LInes at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA.
My address is 1210 Crest Ridge Drive, Atlanta, GA 30344.  Cell phone 801 560 5363.  Will do my best attend the 40th Reunion.
Linda Taylor - 08-18-2006
Let me know how I can help.
Chris Mackay - 08-11-2006
So glad to see the web page up and running - good job!  I know there was alot of hard work involved.  The wife and I are both retired and have moved to Oregon - loving it!  Our address is:  4324 Forsythia St, Springfield, OR  97478
We can be reached at:  541) 746-5575 (unless we are on the golf course.)
Didn't know if anyone knew but Ron Betournay and wife are living in Eugene.  He is working for Georgia-Pacific and does alot of traveling.  Talked to him several times but have yet to get together.  Willing to help with the reunion but don't know what we can do from here.  
Dr. Larry Brizzee - 08-10-2006
I am a Dentist working for the U.S. Public Health Service in Elko, Nevada. My address is 746 Thorpe Drive, Spring Creek, Nevada, 89815.
Work phone:( 888) 823-6000, ext. 12,   Cell (775) 934-0616.
Lynn Fischer Gerving - 08-10-2006
All of you have done such a great job on this website. We've waited a long time, it certainly was worth it!  Looking forward to our 40th.

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