Olympus High School Class of 1967
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Olympus High School Class of 1967 - Olympus Class Trivia Contest #1
Test your memory of how it WAS in 1967

1. What famous (or infamous) national figure was a Sophomore at Olympus in 1966-67?
A - Rosanne Barr
B - Stevie Nicks
C - Karl Rove
D - Al Franken

2. Who was our class valedictorian?
A - Larry Jensen
B - Kaye Lynne Pugh
C - Vickie Popp
D - Ann Reed

3. What teacher, counselor, or Olympus official was known as 'Red Dog'?
A - Wayne Goates, Counselor
B - John Christopolus, Head varsity coach
C - Frank Heywood, Vice Principal
D - Edson Packer, Drivers' ed teacher

4. What musical was performed at Olympus in 1967?
A - Oklahoma
B - Music Man
C - Camelot
D - The Fantasticks

5. Who was queen of the Senior Prom?
A - Joan Carman
B - JoAnn Hulbert
C - Heidi Amundsen
D - Debbie Dean

6. What was the name of our literary magazine?
A - Odyssey
B - Iliad
C - Pegasus
D - Thunderbolt

7. Who was not a varsity cheerleader in 1966-67?
A - Natalie Neff
B - Lynne Erickson
C - Craig Omer
D - Janet Gibson

8. Our Senior Class VEEP, Irving Jacobsen, was also a foreign exchange student from which country?
A - Australia
B - South Africa
C - Brazil
D - Spain

9. How many students were in the Class of 1967 at Oly?
A - about 800
B - 300-400
C - 400-500
D - 500-600
E - over 600

10. What was the theme of the annual Men's Association Dance each year?
A - Roaring Twenties
B - Western
C - Future-Rama
D - Kindergarten Kids

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