Olympus High School Class of 1967
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Olympus High School Class of 1967 - Polls
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Which best describes your current location?

Live in another country
Live out of Utah
Still live in our home state

Which best describes your marital status?

Never married
Living with partner

How many grandchildren do you have?

10 to 20
more than 20

How many years of college do you have?

one to three yrs college
I got my Bachelors degree
Graduate school
Masters Degree
Law degree
didn't attend college
Associate degree

What are your favorite leisure time activities?

Family activities
Surfing the web
Reading great literature
Reading trashy literature
Church activities
T.V., movies
Sports: tennis, golf, hiking, bicycling, walking, etc.

At 68, how would you describe your current health?

I'm healthier now than in high school
I partied too much in the 60s and 70s
I've put on a few pounds
Not ready for the nursing home, but have serious health issues
I'm fit and active and feel great
Just a few aches and pains, nothing major

How would you rate your success in life this far?

I have been very successful financially and personally
I've made a ton of money, but my personal life sucks
I'm not wealthy, but am immensely satisfied with my life
I'm still trying to grow and improve, financially and personally

What is your ideal vacation spot?

A quiet fishing hole that no one knows about
Club Med here I come
A guided tour of the castles and cathedrals of Europe
The beach, a book, a Mai Tai
Disneyland with the grandkids
Museums, Art galleries, famous cities
Mountains, wildlife (animals), and sturdy hiking boots

What type of wrinkles do you have?

Lots of laugh line
Lots of worry lines
Lots of sun lines
No lines--I had plastic surgery

How many great-grandchildren do you have?

5 or more

How do you rate Pres. Trump?

Great president
Needs to be impeached
Fair, could do better
Worst president in history

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